Tree pruning

Tree Pruning

Pruning describes a series of cuts made to control the form of a tree. Structural pruning is necessary to control and target the growth of a tree. Reduction pruning takes weight from overburdened branches to prevent them from breaking. Ornamental pruning helps the tree look it’s best and fit into the landscape around it. Hazard pruning or “dead wooding” is done to mitigate or remove pieces of the tree that threaten people and property. Pruning trees before they become large and overgrown is indispensable as a strategy to reduce greater costs later on.

Tree removal

Tree Removal

Urban and suburban trees are often under stressful or limiting growth conditions, and often become dead or severely compromised. Unaddressed problems can become serious hazards, and sometimes changes to the site or to the client’s lifestyle also require that a tree be removed. We do large tree removals, and also stump grinding where the site allows.


Tree health

Tree Health

Just like every other living thing, trees need nutrients and air. Come have our arborist take a look at your trees, and see what we can do to improve their habitats. Current tree health services we provide include mulching, fertilization, root collar excavation and soil aeration. In the spring and fall we also plant trees for clients, and can help pick out the best species for a site.


Pining for Yew is committed to providing excellent tree care to both suburban and urban clients.  No job is too small, and no job is too large that we can’t find a way to get it done safely and efficiently.  Trees are our passion, but we make a living providing the best care possible to our clients and their neighbors.